WH 2021 Annual Meeting

Two members listen intently during the meeting. WH’s 2021 Annual Meeting included a financial report, WH and WH Holding Board Chair reports, results of the restated Bylaws vote and director election results for Districts 1, 3 and 9.

Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association’s (WH) 2021 Annual Meeting was held on April 15. Due to ongoing health concerns, the Annual Meeting was scaled back, similar to the 2020 meeting, with a 35-minute business meeting, 56 members in attendance to meet quorum requirements and more than 100 viewers watching via livestream. The event included a financial report, WH and WH Holding Board Chair reports, results of the restated Bylaws vote and the election results for the board seats for Districts 1, 3 and 9.

Doors opened at 5:30 p.m. for the limited number of attendees who helped WH meet the quorum requirements to conduct the business meeting. WH President and CEO Tim Sullivan welcomed everyone attending both in person and virtually, noting how this was now the second WH Annual Meeting restructured due to the pandemic, and how that is “especially noteworthy for an electric cooperative… because we rely on our membership’s ability to meet in person for our governance.” Sullivan went on, explaining how in a year of uncertainty, WH was “here when you needed us, perhaps as never before,” reiterating the central theme of the meeting, “Here When You Need Us.”

With social distancing in place and masks required, the Annual Meeting proceeded with CFO Brian Swanson delivering a financial report, WH Board Chair Erick Heinz summarizing WH’s strong 2020 performance and WH Holding Board Chair Timothy Young encouraging members to stay positive and “make lemonade” with the lemons given this past year.

This year, the board chairs for Districts 1, 3 and 9 were up for election. WH Board of Directors serve 3-year terms. A total of 25 director candidates ran for WH board seats. Incumbent Timothy Young was re-elected as the District 1 director. The open District 3 seat was filled by Pat Bakeberg, and incumbent Erick Heinz was elected as the director for District 9. The restated Bylaws were approved by the members of the cooperative.

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