The St. Michael City Council does not want to contribute to rebuilding 15th Street at the Hanover border, related to Hanover’s plans to use the street for expanded mining operations.

Hanover recently considered Fehn Mining’s Interim Use Permit (IUP) for the Mahler Aggregate Mine site at 15th Street just west of the Crow River.

The project is an expansion of an existing mining operation initially approved by the city under an IUP issued to Mahler Enterprises, LLC for a 37-acre parcel in 2006. The IUP was originally scheduled to expire Dec. 31, 2012. The Hanover City Council amended the IUP in 2011, 2018, and 2019 with time extensions. The current IUP will now expire Dec. 31, 2019.

Fehn Companies (or associated entity) is in process of acquiring additional adjacent properties resulting in a combined total property area of 184.9 acres, and proposes to expand the existing gravel mine from 25 acres up to 155 acres. Expansion of the existing aggregate mine will be phased over 15 to 20 years, depending on the demand for aggregate and market conditions.

Fifteenth Street, which is the border between St. Michael to the north and Hanover to the south, does not meet 10-ton road standards and is the shortest potential collector road between the proposed expanded mine and County Rd. 19.

As part of the mine permit, improvements would cost $200,000 to undertake a reclamation of the existing bituminous and repaving.

At the St. Michael City Council meeting, City Administrator Steve Bot noted that Hanover recently reached out to St. Michael to discuss sharing the cost to rebuild the road.

Mayor Kevin Kasel and council members Ryan Gleason, Nadine Schoen and Keith Wettschreck discussed the request and relayed concern about putting money toward repairing the road until after the gravel hauling activity is concluded.

The city feels that, at this time, the road functions well as necessary for St. Michael’s needs, with most residents using 16th Street instead. The council’s consensus was thus not to contribute to 15th Street until such time the gravel hauling has decreased, since that will affect the street’s longevity.


In other news, under consent agenda, the council approved a resolution for Municipal State Aid funds for the Hwy. 241/Oakwood Parkway traffic signal project.

The intersection is located just west of Interstate 94 and the St. Michael Cinema.

The resolution states that the project “will require funds in excess of those available in its State Aid construction account, and that the city is prepared to proceed with construction through the use of an advance from the Municipal State Aid Street Fund to supplement the available funds in their State Aid Construction Account.”

The advanced amount is $175,000.


Lastly, the council heard from a Wright County Deputy that there has been nothing out of the ordinary as far as calls for service.

The deputy did say that the sheriff’s office has been continuing to issue parking warnings for vehicles parked on the street overnight, and would begin issuing tickets instead of warnings before any winter storms.

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