In a meeting on June 9, the St. Michael City Council approved the final plat for the first addition to the massive Legacy Bay Farms development project.

The newly approved addition includes 84 residential lots, including a mix of detached townhomes, villas and small and medium-sized single family homes as well as a number of outlots. The area of the approved plat is just west of Jamison Avenue, south of 30th Street (County Road 35) and northeast of Uhl Lake.

The full Legacy Bay Farms project, which is being developed by Capstone Homes, is expected to eventually feature 1,252 residential lots spread over an area of 497 acres.

Sheriff’s address

In other matters, Wright County Sheriff Sean Deringer addressed the meeting, which occurred in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd during an arrest by the Minneapolis Police Department and the subsequent demonstrations. Deringer stated, in response to a question about use of force, that the Sheriff’s Department has averaged one use-of-force complaint per year over the past 17 years. He also stated that the Sheriff’s Department does not train deputies in any chokeholds or similar techniques for use on suspects, but provides training for escaping a chokehold if one were to be used on a deputy by a suspect.

“It’s always been against policy to use any kind of neck restraint outside of a deadly force encounter,” Deringer said. “We only train on how to escape neck restraints that might be put on us. We have other tools at our disposal.”

Consent agenda items

As part of the consent agenda, approved by one motion without discussion, the City Council agreed to grant a five-year extension to what had been a two-year interim use permit allowing J & B Group, Inc. to use a trailer and small building at 13200 43rd Street NE to be used as a heck-in and check-out point for regulating trucks entering and exiting its distribution docks.

With the extension, the trailer and temporary building are now approved until June 30, 2025.

Additionally, the council granted a five-year interim use permit to J & B to use a gravel lot at 13060 43rd Street for truck and trailer parking.

In approving the consent agenda, the council also confirmed a date and time for an annual Public Storm Water Meeting. The meeting is set for Tuesday, June 28, at 7 p.m. at City Hall. Materials will be available to the public relating to the city’s Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, and oral and written input will be accepted and considered for inclusion into the plan.

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