The Python Plunger is manufactured in Rogers at Action Plastics and has a unique rotating toilet snake and drain cleaner hidden inside.

Jeff Huber got plain sick of cleaning up clogged toilets and drains as part of his job doing maintenance on rental property.

Not just on the rentals, but his wife and daughter have long hair, so the drains were getting clogged at home, too. So a little more than a year ago, Jeff and wife Kim set out to invent and patent a new product that would help loosen those cranky drains.

“We started specifically to produce the Python Plunger and of course its drain cleaning attachment,” he said.

The Hubers were granted a trademark for their invention and are in patent review now. A “kickstarter’ campaign led to full production about a month ago.

While based in Stillwater, the Python Plunger is manufactured in Rogers at Action Plastics. The product has a unique rotating toilet snake and drain cleaner hidden inside.

“Our product is really an evolution, a new and better solution to a problem that exists in most homes if not all,” Huber said. “By simply pushing a handle you can shred a clog underwater so never any splash and with an attachable drain head, clean most drains in homes or businesses, one tool really does it all, easy, simple and clean.”

He said they specifically chose to manufacture the product locally vs. the cheaper option overseas.

“Action Plastics provides my company with top quality and the responsive customer service a new business needs to succeed,” he said.

Python Plunger sells both online and with retail partners, including its newest local partner, Rogers True Value. Huber said Rogers True Value and manager Royce Vollmer are “willing to educate customers on new and better ways to tackle dirty jobs, and we’re proud to be working with them.”

Huber said a customer could walk down a big box store plumbing aisle and see dozens of different products and feet of shelves dedicated to cleaning drains, “and we can replace the vast majority of those with one innovative cleaner and greener tool.”

He continued, “The exciting bit for us is the interest from independent hardware stores, every store we talk to wants the product.”

Python Plunger recently added stores from Rosemount to Little Canada and from Osceola, Wisconsins, to Balsam Lake, Wisconsin.

“We think these independent retailers are the key to success and partnering with them is vital.”

To see the product in action, visit or check out the video at

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