Ames-Florida Stork House

Volunteers spruce up the yard at the Ames-Florida Stork House during last fall’s 1,000 Hearts Serve Day in Rockford. 

1,000 Hearts Serve Day is set to return to the Rockford/Greenfield area for a ninth year on Saturday, May 22.

Volunteer Laura Franklin, Tuesday, April 27, walked the Rockford City Council through this year’s plans. Each year certain projects are “a big draw” for attracting volunteers, she said. Projects at Elmwood Cemetery, the three Rockford public schools and Our Father’s Lutheran Church are examples.

Other projects this year will include planting in city of Rockford flowerpots, throughout the city and in Riverside Park. Volunteers will assist seniors with their lawns and rehabilitate the mural on the side of the ABC Lettering building.

Also, Modrow Insurance Agency will offer free document shredding in its parking lot at 7953 Highway 55. The Rockford Lions will collect used eyeglasses and hearing aids as part of the club’s ongoing collection drive.

A food truck will be parked across the street from the Bank West parking lot for lunch patrons, said Annette Tryon, of 1,000 Hearts. All proceeds will be donated to Project Give Back.

To volunteer for this year’s 1,000 Hearts Serve Day, e-mail Tryon at

At the April 27 meeting, the city council also took up other business. Here are meeting highlights.


During city council reports, City Councilor Rick Martinson said the community will hold a “toned down” Memorial Day observance at Elmwood Cemetery in Rockford at 10 a.m., Monday, May 31 – rain or shine. The Rockford High School band will play. Martinson is waiting to hear whether the Rockford Lions will hold a pork chop feed.

Elmwood Cemetery has signs that describe veterans’ service to our country. Ten or more signs will be added in time for Memorial Day.


The city council also accepted a $22,713 quote from Pearson Brothers for seal coating all of Hurst Woods, the trail along the east side of County Road 33 through Mutterer Park, all of asphalt surfaces in Riverside Park and the Stork House parking lot.

The council also accepted a $25,000 quote from Corrective Asphalt Materials to use reclamite, an asphalt preservative, on Woodhill, Autumn Oaks Drive and Circle, Kettenacker, Basswood Circle and Hickory Court. All of these streets had their top layers milled off and overlaid with new layers of asphalt in 2019.

Trevor Ratke, of the Rockford Public Works Department, said that reclamite can be used only on roads that have not been seal coated. Preserving pavement is the main reason for applying reclamite. It helps seal the pavement early on so that water cannot deteriorate it from the top down.

“By using this new product, we can hopefully keep the structure of the roads in better condition for longer periods of time,” Ratke said. He recommended using reclamite on new asphalt roads in their first or second year and reapplying the product after five to seven years to preserve them in the same state as they were when they first were placed. After 10 to 12 years, these roads would transitioned to seal coating.

Currently, St. Michael, Woodbury, Eden Prairie, Lakeville, Golden Valley and Farmington use reclamite, Ratke said.


Turning to the subject of Eagle Scout projects, the city council heard a proposal from Parker Abed, of Boy Scout Troop 206 in Long Lake. Parker lives in Rockford.

His proposal included relocating the flagpole at the Riverside Park shelter to a location next to the sign located at Main and Elm Street, along with installing landscaping to improve visibility and appearance of the area. He said the project would require removal of the red pine tree next to the sign. A large rock would be placed over the stump.

City Councilor Denise Willenbring objected to removal of the red pine tree. She asked whether a landscape designer could be consulted for a second opinion.

After discussion, the council continued the issue to allow for additional time for exploring alternate design layouts that would preserve the red pine.


The city council also:

APPROVED an agreement between Rockford and Dan Quie for removal of scrap materials that once formed the structure of the old skate park. The scrap materials have been stored outside at Rockford’s water tower property.

ACCEPTED a $12,215 quote from OLS Restoration, Inc. for cleaning and painting the traffic signals and structures at Highway 55 and County Road 55 and at Highway 55 and Main Street.

APPROVED Rockford’s participation in the Wright County Economic Development Authority.

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