Tuesday, Feb. 2

Dispatched to report of fire alarm sounding indicating a water flow problem. Fire department arrived and was able to turn off the alarm.

Dispatched along with other agencies to attempt to serve a felony warrant at 100 block Loretto Street. No contact made.

Wednesday, Feb. 3

Dispatched to report of residents feeling ill. Fire department arrived and determined it was not CO2 issue.

Dispatched to report of laptop and bank accounts compromised.

Friday, Feb. 5

Dispatched to report of a boiler being on fire. Fire department arrived to turn off the breaker and check for any additional issues. The area was ventilated, and emergency personnel cleared.

A 46-year-old female arrested for second degree DWI at Evergreen Road and Linden.

Sunday, Feb. 7

Dispatched to report of heavy smoke in a garage at 3100 block Birch Avenue. Fire department arrived and were able to extinguish the fire.

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