By Susan Van Cleaf

The Medina City Council has approved additional uses for the Rolling Green Business Park, including some types of retail and service establishments, medical offices/clinics and similar uses, banks and financial institutions, showrooms and physical fitness clubs, dance studios and similar uses.

The city council, at its Aug. 4 meeting, reviewed a request from the Rolling Green Business Park Association to expand permitted uses on its property, located west of County Road 116 and south of Meander Road. The original planned unit development, approved in 2003, limited uses within the development to office condos.

At the meeting, the city council also took up other business. Here are meeting highlights.


Medina Planning Director Dusty Finke explained the reasons for the request from the Rolling Green Business Park Association. Since the approval of the planned unit development in 2003, only seven of the anticipated 15 buildings have been constructed on the nine acre site. The association is looking for the opportunity to market lots to additional buyers in order to complete the project.

The association’s proposal calls for one of the remaining eight lots to be used for additional parking. Offices would continue to be a permitted use. Permitted retail uses would not include pet stores, pawn shops and adult establishments. Permitted service uses would not include hospitals, veterinary clinics, adult establishments, services related to automobiles and services delivered off site.

Other permitted uses would be medical offices/ clinics, dentists, chiropractors, optometrists and similar uses, as well as banks and financial institutions, show rooms and physical fitness clubs, dance studios and similar uses.

City Councilor Todd Albers and Mayor Kathleen Martin said restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream shops and similar establishments might be desirable uses. Finke said limited space for parking would be a primary consideration for restaurants. Also, there is not a lot of room on the site for restaurant patios.

Maryann Houlihan, of the business association said the association board was concerned with the traffic that would be generated by restaurant uses. Takeout service could work because it would not generate much parking or traffic. She asked the city council to consider that option. However, it is not specifically what the board is looking for. A nail salon and dentist have expressed interest in locating in the business park.

Houlihan said several Planning Commission members had driven through the site. They noticed that the footprint of the site is not that large.

The discussion ended with city council approving the amendment to the planned unit development. The amendment specifically prohibits off-sale liquor sales. Restaurants (coffee shops, ice cream shops and other retail food services) are permitted, and they are allowed to have incidental on premises sales of liquor.


Turning to the subject of the Medina Police Department, the city council recognized Sgt. Kevin Boecker for 20 years of service to the city.

Public Safety Director Jason Nelson said Boecker is a valuable member of the department. Boecker’s leadership as sergeant allows him to leave when he needs to without worrying about the department.

Nelson added that Boecker is extremely helpful with investigation. Nelson could not say enough about the high quality of work that Boecker completes.

Boecker has served for one year as Sergeant, for 16 years as a Patrol Officer and for three years as Medina’s investigator with the West Metro Drug Task Force. He has served as Medina’s in-house investigator intermittently as needed. He conducted the department’s largest theft by swindle investigation that resulted in a $197,330 judgment back to the victim.

Also, Boecker served as Medina’s use of force instructor for the past 16 years and Taser instructor for 16 years.

He received two life saving awards for his actions on patrol. One was for performing CPR on a truck driver, who survived and made a full recovery. The other was for catching a young lady who dove out of a second story window to commit suicide.

Boecker has received numerous thank-you letters from residents and neighboring departments “for his dedicated and professional service,” according to the city council resolution recognizing his 20 years of service.


The city council also:

APPROVED a resolution allowing the Director of Public Works to impose water use restrictions.

APPROVED a $6,000 contract with RES Pyro for a fireworks display at Medina Celebration Day on Saturday, Sept. 18 at approximately 8 p.m.

APPROVED contracts with Rolf Erickson and Hennepin County for assessment services.

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