During Monday’s Champlin City Council meeting, plans to move forward with the beautification of Minnesota Department of Transportation’s (MnDOT) Highway 169 right-of-way between Hayden Lake Road and Mississippi River Bridge were approved.

The plan was originally developed in conjunction with the reconstruction project that was carried out for the majority of last year. Hardscape improvements like concrete edging, pavers, irrigation service points and street lighting infrastructure were installed with the roadway improvements. Additionally, street lighting was completed last fall.

The landscaping improvement plan unanimously approved by the council this week includes tree and shrub plantings, an irrigation system, turf establishment,medians and right-of-way in planting areas.

Since the approved softscape improvements are located within MnDOT’s right-of-way, a cooperative construction agreement with MnDOT that identifies ownership and maintenance responsibilities is required, City Engineer Tim Hanson said. The draft of the cooperative construction agreement has been put together by MnDOT and includes terms of agreement, right-of-way use, contract award and construction, right-of-way, including easements and permits, maintenance by the city of Champlin, and authorized representation.

Construction plans have been completed and approved by MnDOT. The cost is estimated at $360,700. The improvement plans are proposed to be cost-free for MnDOT and be financed by the Municipal State Aid Funds. “The city is paying for all these funds and MnDOT does not have any work or any interest in it other than to make sure that the city maintains the facilities, so the cooperative agreement is basically a laundry list of expectations of maintaining the softscape improvements that were that are being proposed,” Hanson said.

“It will be nice to get this highway project finally wrapped up completely,” Mayor Ryan Karasek said before a council vote was conducted.

Ultimately, a motion to approve the cooperative construction agreement was approved as well as a resolution approving the plans and specifications and ordering the advertising of bids. The bid opening is scheduled for July 16 and will be presented for council approval at the July 22 meeting. “The intent is that the work would start in mid-August and be completed this fall,” Hanson said.

The Champlin City Council also:

APPROVED plans and specifications and ordered the advertisement of bids for the 2019 Mill and Overlay Project.

REQUESTED to advance funding for the construction of municipal state aid projects from the city of Champlin’s state aid construction account.

DECLARED the official intent of the City of Champlin to reimburse certain expenditures from the proceeds of bonds issued by the city for White Oaks Addition/Rosemill Lane area improvement project.

DECLARED the official intent of the City of Champlin to reimburse certain expenditures from the proceeds of bonds issued by the city for Westwood North 2nd Addition improvement project.

APPROVED a second reading and adoption of an ordinance amending the zoning map, and approved a final plat for Emery Village Reserve 3rd Addition (Thompson Townhomes).

ADOPTED the assessment for trunk, source and storage fees.

APPROVED a tobacco sale license for Champlin Cigar and E-Cig.

APPROVED a change order for the 2019 Reconstruction Project.

APPROVED an engineering services agreement for Westwood North 2nd Addition and Xylon Avenue improvement project and White Oaks Trail/Rosemill Lane Area.

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