The Albertville City Council and Mayor Jillian Hendrickson, right, present certificates of recognition to Kelly Myers, center, and Kelly Duncan, left, who are stepping aside after 30 years of service to the Albertville Royalty Program

The city of Albertville allowed an exception to its pool fencing ordinance for a residence that already had a smaller-than-required fence installed.

The council also approved purchasing new fire department turnout gear and rezoning to allow a light industrial use at an existing building at County Rd. 19.


City ordinance requires home owners with swimming pools to enclose the pool with a 4- or 5-foot fence, depending on the type of pool.

For example, in-ground pools require a 5-foot high fence enclosure; above ground pools require a 4-foot fence.

In this case, Craig and Jenny Korteba are proposing an in-ground pool at their property on LaSalle Circle.

“Their rear yard is surrounded by a 4 foot boundary line fence and the proposed pool will have an Eclipse Safety cover which will prevent access to the pool when not in use,” City Administrator Adam Nafstad said in his memo. “With the existing fence and proposed safety cover over the pool, they requested relief from the city requirement for 5 five foot fence around swimming pools.”

Nafstad said that, based on staff’s review, the Kortebas satisfy the zoning code requirements for securing access to the pool, and thus “The need for the 5-foot tall fence will be waived,” he said.

Nafstad cited the following key issues:

• The current zoning code requires a pool to be safeguarded to prevent uncontrolled access.

• The current zoning code allows a variety of means to prevent uncontrolled access. Fencing is one option.

• The combination of a 4 foot fence and the pool safety cover provide an impenetrable obstacle to access the pool.

The council agreed to waive the requirement in this instance.


In further matters, the council approved the purchase of eight sets of turnout gear for the fire department.

Staff noted that the department responded in early April to a car/garage crash that resulted in a 5-gallon bucket of paint being sprayed all over the scene and onto five firefighter’s gear. Staff said the gear was not able to be washed clean.

Chief Eric Bullen said the department has been purchasing new gear for new firefighters, with a lifespan of 10 years. With three new members plus the five damaged turnout gear, Bullen said the total cost of eight sets of turnout gear is $21,400. The city did receive an insurance reimbursement check for the damaged gear, but about half the total amount, or about $10,500, would need to be funded by the city department’s capital budget.


In other news, the council approved a rezoning request for 6737 LaBeaux Ave. (County Rd. 19).

The property has been most recently used by truck detailing company.

Applicant Randy Stangler submitted an request to rezone the property to allow an industrial use for PS Deck, a small cabinet finishing company with limited employees.

“Staff has outlined an option of for rezoning the site from a B-2A to a PUD (Planned Unit Development) / B-2A to create a zoning district specific to this property,” City Planner Al Brixius wrote in his memo. “Through the PUD/ B-2A the city may expand the allowed uses for the property to include the current B-2A district uses but could also be expanded to include limited light industrial uses/warehousing with conditions to insure their compatibility with future commercial development and to clean up current conditions on the site.”

In other action, the council:

RECOGNIZED Albert Barthel for 37 years of service on the Albertville Fire Department and his recent retirement from the department.

RECOGNIZED the outgoing Albertville Royal Court as well as Kelly Myers and Kelly Duncan, who are stepping aside after 30 years of service to the royalty program.

RECOGNIZED Scherer Brothers Lumber and Border States Electric for allowing employees who serve on the fire department to respond to fire calls during their shifts, allowing better daytime responses for fire calls.


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