To the Editor:

So, Tim Walz sees the failure of the legislative special session to enact police reform as an “embarrassment” to Minnesota. Tim wanted quick legislation so Minnesota could be the first state enacting police reform or defunding demanded by rioters.

Thank goodness our Republican lawmakers put the brakes on any action until cooler heads prevail. Reform must apply to all of Minnesota, not just the metro area. It should be a well thought out process, that won’t happen in a few days.

Let’s look at the past month in Minnesota. George Floyd was killed. Protests broke out, escalating to riots with burning, looting and threats to life and property. A police precinct was abandoned and burned. Where was Tim? I suspect he was hiding in his bunker with his pandemic dials not programmed for this kind of crisis. While Minneapolis burned, his slow response cost businesses, property owners and the rest of Minnesota millions of dollars.

Honestly, for various reasons, Tim is the real embarrassment for Minnesota. When it’s time to vote again for governor of Minnesota, let’s send Tim home amid the same chant the mob used for the mayor of Minneapolis – “Go home, Tim, go home.”

— Liz Harris, Little Falls

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