Wayne Jerold Vetsch, 48, of Little Falls, was charged with a felony of issuing a dishonored check with a value of more than $500.

According to the complaint, the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by a representative of Helena Ag Enterprises, LLC in August 2020. The representative allegedly told a deputy that Vetsch had issued a check to the company in the amount of $1,823.50. The check was allegedly issued on July 10, 2020, and was allegedly written on an account held in the names of Vetsch Dairy Farm, Wayne Vetsch and one other individual. Helena Ag Enterprises applied spray to a field belonging to Vetsch Dairy Farm in Morrison County.

Following the application of the spray, Vetsch allegedly issued the check to an employee of Helena Ag Enterprises. The check was allegedly later returned for non-sufficient funds. A representative of the bank told a deputy that a notice and demand for payment had allegedly been sent to Vetsch Dairy Farm by certified mail, but there was no response.

On Aug. 31, a deputy made contact with Vetsch, who allegedly acknowledged that he owes money to Helena Ag and allegedly stated he would resolve the matter.

Weeks later, the deputy allegedly received a call from Helena Ag Enterprises stating that Vetsch had not made good on the check. Throughout the month of September, the deputy allegedly made multiple attempts to contact Vetsch by telephone and in person, but did not receive a response.

If convicted, Vetsch faces up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.

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