Shaun Michael Fleck, 36, St. Cloud, has been charged with one felony count of third degree burglary and another felony charge of possession of burglary or theft tools.

Virginia Rae Curtis, 40, Foley, was also charged with two felony charges along with a gross misdemeanor and two misdeanor charges that stem from the same incident, which occurred on Jan. 2. Felony charges against Curtis include fifth degree possession of a controlled substance — methamphetamine — and receiving stolen property.

According to an official statement, on Jan. 2, the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a gas drive-off at a gas station in Pierz. While en route to the scene, a deputy spotted the suspect vehicle traveling westbound on Highway 27 and turned around to catch up, with the suspect vehicle allegedly traveling at a high rate of speed. The vehicle finally stopped on a road near Little Falls.

During the felony stop, the driver allegedly initially identified herself as Kristina Rose Preston. After further questioning, the driver finally identified herself as Curtis. She allegedly told the deputy that she gave a false name because she had warrants out for her arrest.

The deputy ran the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) off of the vehicle and it came back stolen out of Ramsey County. He then ran the license plate number, which came back as stolen out of Wright County. According to the criminal complaint, the vehicle contained several boxes of mail with a female victim’s name on it. A deputy contacted the victim, who said the items located inside the vehicle had been in her storage unit at a facility in Little Falls.

Curtis allegedly told law enforcement that she had a passenger in the vehicle “who bailed out of the vehicle” when the deputy began to follow them. The passenger was later identified as Fleck.

In a further search of the vehicle, the criminal complaint said officers located a backpack containing Fleck’s identification along with items that appeared to law enforcement to be burglary tools, including three sets of bolt cutters, a pry bar, a flashlight and a BB gun that looked identical to a handgun. Also inside were forms of identification that belonged to another person.

A deputy went to check on the above mentioned storage unit and allegedly observed there were several fresh shoe prints outside the victim’s unit. It appeared, according to law enforcement, that the original padlock was missing and replaced with a different one. The deputy reportedly had permission to enter the storage unit and discovered there were several boxes missing from inside. These were the boxes located inside the stolen vehicle.

During a body search of Curtis while she was being booked into Morrison County Jail, the complaint said a correctional officer located two clear, plastic baggies on Curtis’ person. The substance inside the baggies later field-tested positive for methamphetamine, with one baggy weighing 1.2 grams and the other 1.4 grams.

She allegedly told law enforcement during a taped statement that she received the vehicle from a friend named “Chad,” but she did not know it was stolen. She also admitted to being involved in the gas drive-off in Pierz.

Fleck was later located walking near the Morrison County/Little Falls Airport and taken into custody, according to the complaint. Law enforcement examined his shoes, and the pattern appeared to match the shoe prints in the snow outside of the victim’s storage unit. Officers later took the shoes to the storage unit and confirmed the pattern was a match, the complaint said.

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