To the Editor:

Easter weekend, awakening opportunity, for over 80 million people, to ask God for forgiveness and repentance from their neighbors, for their hatred and ignorance for voting in the fraudulent, mentally challenged occupant of White House. What a disgrace we the people allowed this to happen.

People, weak, mind controlled, too lazy, too do their research no longer act with common sense. Willing injected with poison, genetic experiment, No liability by vaccine manufactures. Not FDA approved, Over 1,755 vaccine related deaths so far in 2021, multiple thousands damaged, long-term effects unknown. Vaccine murderer Gates behind the push.

Teachers indoctrinating, confusing kids, no longer know their gender, teaching Marxist principals. Are you serious?

All systems of government corrupted, including Supreme Court. Proof of election fraud. People dumb-downed, hypnotized, waiting for a bone from the government, while trillion dollars wasted.

Last hope for America, military step in and honor their oath to protect country against all enemies foreign and domestic. Military tribunals.

Trump return imminent. The journey continues.

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