In business Tuesday, the Swanville City Council:

    •    Approved selling the lot north of John Gessell’s home to him for $1,000, excluding water and sewer;

    •    Approved selling lot 3, block 2 at North Berkey Avenue to Frank Gessell for $2,000, which includes water and sewer:

    •    Told resident Sharon Blumke that in order for a public hearing to be set the same day as the next Council meeting, she would need to decide and inform the city if she wants to purchase the lot west of her property on North Berkey Avenue. The Council said it would sell the lot for $1,545, excluding water and sewer;

    •    Set a public hearing for Tuesday, Feb. 4, before the regular Council meeting at 7 p.m. to vacate drainage and utility easements located in block 2 of the plat of Swanville Industrial Park;

    •     Approved Lucky Saloon’s liquor license to be renewed for March 6, with fees including off sale – $150, on sale – $2,000, Sunday license – $250 and 2 a.m. closing – $100, for a total of $2,500;

    •    Designated Council Member Jim Molitor as acting mayor in the absence of Mayor Sandy Lange;

    •    Designated the First State Bank of Swanville as the designated depository of the city;

    •    Designated the Morrison County Record as the official newspaper of the city:

    •     Set the regular meeting date for the City Council meeting for the first Tuesday after the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Swanville Center. Special meetings will only be held after proper notification and publication have been made;

    •    Assigned duties to the following Council members and citizens of the community: Community Center, City Clerk Julie Hollermann and Council Member Deb Wood; City Park, Maintenance Man Lonny Hutchins and Lange; streets and sidewalks, Council Member Tony Maciej and Hutchins; Springbrook Cemetery, Hollermann and Hutchins; City weed inspector, Molitor and Hutchins; Rural Fire Association, Lange and Wood; city attorney, the law office of Brown, Krueger and Vancura; city engineer, Moore Engineering; representative on the Senior Board, Council Member Norm Carlson; Planning and Zoning Committee, Lange, Val Sobania, John Dragseth, Maciej, Steve Gruber, Molitor and Hutchins; and Well Head Managers, Hutchins and Molitor; and

    •    Set salaries for employees and Council Members: Mayor’s salary, $1,800 annually plus $20 per hour for special meetings (one hour minimum pay); council members’ salary, $900 annually plus $20 per hour for special meetings (one hour minimum pay); cleaning Community Center, $150 per month; substitute maintenance man salary, $16 per hour; park and City Center cleaner, $12 per hour; summertime part-time worker, $12 per hour and mileage, 55 cents per mile.

    The Swanville City Council’s next regular meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 4, at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

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