A woman doing her grocery shopping on a Saturday morning was robbed in the parking lot of the Little Falls Coborn’s. A report issued to the press and published on the Little Falls Police Department’s Facebook page said that the morning of Jan. 18 the complainant came into the station and reported that her purse was stolen out of her cart by two men.

A third man was reportedly driving the car the three fled in. The LFPD said no license plate was identified, but the vehicle is a gray Ford Fusion and has rear end damage, as well as no back license plate.

Police Captain Kyle Johnson said the investigation is still ongoing and he believes they are close to identifying the suspects. There is camera footage of the incident and the LFPD with the help of other agencies is reviewing the footage carefully, he said.

The woman reported that two men approached her in the parking lot, Johnson said, and that one man had distracted her while the other grabbed her purse and ran away.

Johnson said that this is a very rare crime for the area and that people may be able to avoid being robbed by not going out into places like a parking lot alone and staying alert.

“Really the big thing, I think, is kinda being aware of your surroundings at all times, no matter what your doing, especially if you’re handling money out in public like that, just be mindful,” he said.

Criminals tend to look for people who are alone, not paying attention or just someone that seems like an easy target, Johnson said. He said that obviously the woman didn’t do anything wrong, and that she could have been targeted for various reasons.

The same morning, a robbery took place at a liquor store by different suspects. However, Johnson said the LFPD is exploring the possibility of the connection of these individuals to the robbery of the woman’s purse.

Johnson said as soon as more concrete information if gathered, there will be a news release issued.

Anyone with information about these incidents can contact the LFPD at (320) 616-5570.

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