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Morrison County’s COVID-19 numbers continued to show promise during the week of Feb. 12 - 18.

The number of new infections in the county remained steady from the previous week’s reporting period. There were 15 new cases reported between Feb. 12 - 18, two fewer than Feb. 5 - 11. As of Thursday, the county had 3,200 total cases.

There were three new hospitalizations reported, bringing Morrison County to a total of 193 since the start of the pandemic. There were no newly-reported deaths.

The county had 22 active cases and a case rate of 6.65 infections per 10,000 people, as of Thursday. Those numbers were down from 31 and 9.37, respectively, one week earlier.

“We’re hopeful that this trajectory continues, or is at least maintained,” said Morrison County Public Health Director Brad Vold in an update to the County Board of Commissioners.

As of Tuesday, Feb. 16, 4,082 Morrison County residents had received at least one dose of vaccine, while 1,484 had completed the two-shot process. According to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), 12.3% of the county’s population has received at least one dose.

Minnesota as a whole remained on a steady decline of new infections and deaths during the week of Feb. 12 - 18.

MDH reported 476,292 total infections statewide, as of Thursday, compared to 470,803 on Feb. 11. The 5,489 new infections during the week were a slight drop from Feb. 5 - 11, and also meant the per-day average dropped 19 from one week earlier.

Sixty-one new deaths were reported between Feb. 12 - 18, an average of about nine per day. Those numbers dropped significantly from the previous week, when they were 92 and 13, respectively. A total of 6,404 Minnesotans had died since the onset of COVID-19, as of Thursday.

A total of 710,305 Minnesota residents had received one vaccination, according to MDH. That number is 111,087 higher than the week before. Of those, 264,122 had gotten both doses.

The spread has also slowed throughout the United States.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 569,842 people — 81,406 per day — were infected nationwide during the past week. Those stats are down from 753,424 and 107,632 the previous week. The per-day average is less than half of what was reported just two weeks ago, on Feb. 4.

There have been 486,466 deaths reported in the U.S., 20,001 between Feb. 12 and Feb. 18. That is drop of 1,200 from the Feb. 5 - 11 reporting period.

A total of 56.3 million Americans have now received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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