Royalton readers

Pictured with their surprises are front row (from left): Alexis Scholl, Marissa Brixius, Isabella Ward, Lillian Ripplinger, MaKenna Wenner, Arianna Freeman, Averie Burg, Pollyanna Holm and Zoey Kloss. Back row: Kyan Larkin, Emmit Scheel, Brody Soltis, Ryker Walters, Mason Rothleutner, Drew Popp, Cooper Foss, Jaxon Schmidt and Owen Telstra.

Second graders at Royalton Elementary School closed out the school year with a fun surprise.

When students and families experienced disconnection, sisters and teachers Kathy Brenny from Royalton Elementary and Nancy (Brenny) Sandeen from Crosby-Ironton School District used distance learning to create a connection between two schools almost 60 miles apart. The two classes connected each week via Google Meet.

Each student participating in grades 9-12 in Sandeen’s fashion and apparel design class was assigned two students from Brenny’s second grade class to connect with for the duration of the meets. The older students engaged the younger students in conversation about the importance of reading.

During this time, Brenny chose five popular books to share with her students and followed up by selecting each student’s favorite title. She then passed this information along to Sandeen, who sought out material representing each of the second graders’ chosen books. The fashion and apparel design class students then used the fabric to create pillowcases for each of the second graders they met with during their Google Meets.

On June 2, the last day of school, Sandeen arrived in Royalton carrying a wrapped gift for each student with a quote from Dr. Seuss’s “Oh the Places You’ll Go - The more you read, the more things you know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go!”

Her students had given each child their chosen book along with the pillowcase that they sewed during their class. Brenny’s second graders responded with great excitement and appreciation as each showed off their book and pillowcase.

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