Pre-K/Kindergarten (PKK)

and Grades 1-5 (G1-5)

Monday, January 11 — Barbecue riblet on a bun or sandwich, cheesy potatoes, fruit, milk.

Tuesday, January 12 — Corn dog or sandwich, tri-tater hash brown, broccoli, fruit, milk.

Wednesday, January 13 — Cheese pizza or sandwich, green beans, fruit, Rice Krispies treat, milk.

Thursday, January 14 — Hamburger on a bun or sandwich, french fries, fruit, milk.

Friday, January 15 — (PKK) — Chicken nuggets or sandwich, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, fruit, milk; (G1-5) — Chicken strips or sandwich, scalloped potatoes, corn, fruit, milk.

Note: Milk choices include 1%, skim and low fat chocolate. Menus are subject to change without notice.

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