In support of pursuing the 2021 Local Road Improvement Program (LRIP) funding from the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) the Royalton City Council accepted resolution 1-5-21-4 at Monday’s meeting. The funding would be used for the construction and upgrade of Chestnut Street.

    Chestnut Street is located within the city’s industrial park area. As MnDOT plans to reroute traffic on Chestnut Street with improvements on Highway 10, it is the connection between South Birch Street (Benton County CSAH 27) and Morrison CSAH 26 to Highway 10.

    Through the resolution, the Council also authorizes staff to prepare and submit the LRIP application. Since Royalton has a population under 5,000, Mayor Andrea Lauer said the grant requires the city to work with Morrison County to act as a sponsor for Royalton’s LRIP program funding application and the associated project development for the construction of Chestnut Street.

    By accepting the resolution, the Council also ensures that all aspects of the LRIP funding requirements are met and the project’s schedule is adhered to, Lauer said.     

    According to the resolution, the proposed year for the Chestnut Street improvement project is 2022.

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