To the Editor:

A person who falsely accused Judge Kavanaugh of a crime which tore him apart and his family to find the main witness said the crime did not happen.

A person who rips up the President’s state of the union address on live TV showing her hatred.

A person who aggressively tried to stop the building of the wall, which is to stop illegal immigrants entering our country. There are immigration laws to follow and should be followed.

A person who wasted taxpayers’ money in an attempt at impeachment.

A person in favor of disregarding the 2nd Amendment.

A person who initially held coronavirus relief bill hostage to get her demands.

Yes, Nancy Pelosi is the one who pushed “the people” for the attack on Capitol Hill.

Pelosi’s office was broken into by U.S. citizens who disagree with her. A citizen sat in Pelosi’s chair in disapproval of above actions. A citizen walked off with pieces of sign on her door in disgust of what she is doing. A citizen walked off with her podium so the people of the U.S. will not have to hear from her. A citizen walked off with her laptop. So, so sad about the deaths. 

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