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Randall City Council members, left to right, Mary Venske, Ernie Wright, Mayor Dan Noss and Carrie Turner at the Wednesday, May 19, meeting at Randall City Hall.

Plans for Randall’s 2021 Fourth of July Celebration are beginning to take shape.

Most notably, this year’s festival will be a one-day event, rather than being stretched out over two. Also, the celebration won’t take place on Independence Day itself. Instead, revelers can head to Randall on July 3.

Those plans were finalized Wednesday, during the Randall City Council’s monthly meeting at City Hall. Two Fourth of July Committee members joined the Council to work through some of the details.

Having the event on July 3 will ensure activities in Randall don’t conflict with celebrations in other area communities, such as Bowlus and Hillman.

There are, however, still many details to iron out. The biggest of those is where exactly the street dance will take place.

Mayor Dan Noss said the Randall Lions Club is still trying to work out whether or not, financially, it will be able to host the street dance in the pavilion, as has been the case in the past. The cost of insurance to host a beer wagon has become more expensive since the event was last held in 2019.

One of the committee members suggested that, if nothing else, the dance could be held at the VFW.

“It’s just so expensive that it doesn’t make it feasible,” Noss said.

The Fourth of July Celebration Committee is also still working with vendors to gauge their interest now that the event is just being held on one day, rather than two. They are still waiting to hear back from some concessions companies who had expressed interest in coming prior to knowing it was on a single day.

Those vendors will get the first opportunity to set up shop in Randall, if they’re still interested, before the committee reaches out to anyone else.

Some details that have been confirmed are that there will be a parade in downtown Randall, tentatively scheduled for 11 a.m. July 3, followed by a 1:30 p.m. Randall Cubs home game against the Sobieski Skis.

Organizers are still floating ideas for an afternoon or early evening event to take place after the ballgame, such as an old-time band or games and contests. That will lead into the street dance, which will be hosted either in the pavilion or at the VFW.

Noss said he was going to work with the Lions Club and VFW to get that detail worked out soon. If the Lions Club cannot feasibly get a beer wagon, one of the committee members said it would be best to have the street dance at the VFW.

Board Member Carrie Turner asked if there was going to be a fireworks show this year. Though that had previously been a part of the event, there was not a display in 2019.

Noss and the committee agreed the cost of having a quality fireworks show had become prohibitive.

One of the commitee members at Wednesday’s meeting said the group who used to put on the display in Randall had been bought out by a larger company. Another of which the committee is aware wants a “bare minimum” of $10,000 for their services.

“Cost-wise, it’s passed us by,” Noss said.

The Council later voted unanimously to contribute $4,500 to the event. Noss said that is the amount that was budgeted, as it has traditionally been the city’s contribution.

“I just want to thank your committee for all you’ve done in the past and this year to keep things going,” Noss said.

Randall City Council Briefs:

In other business Wednesday, the Randall City Council:

• Heard an estimate on street and utility reconstruction and proposed assessment policies for upcoming capital improvement projects from Dave Reese of Widseth Smith Nolting. No action was taken;

• Accepted a $300 donation from the Randall Cusing Lions Club for the Medallion Hunt;

• Heard initial insights on possible further development in the Brummer Addition from Reese;

• Approved a resolution to sell two city-owned parcels to Robert and Lidia Atkinson;

• Advised City Manager Matt Pantzke to continue research on the replacement of city street signs. It is estimated the project to replace 80 signs will cost about $2,600;

• Approved the purchase of a Ricoh copy machine from Metro Sales Inc., of Minneapolis for City Hall at a cost of $3,500;

• Agreed to hire Randall resident Phil Neisen to paint the Randall Municipal Liquor Store for $4,158 plus additional costs to protect lettering on the building;

• Approved a $2 per hour wage increase for the two full-time employees at the Randall Municipal Liquor Store;

• Discussed the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s plans to do a reconstruction project on the city’s U.S. Highway 10 crossings in 2024. There will be public forums held prior to the project; and

• Discussed the need to research and possibly revise the city’s ordinance regarding mobile food units.

The next meeting of the Randall City Council is at 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 16, at Randall City Hall.

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