The Upsala/Swanville USA Patriots traveled to the Fargo Dome for a playoff bout with the Belgrade-Brooton-Elrosa (BBE) High School Jags, Nov. 5.

The Patriots came in with an overall record of 7-2 on the year and a conference record of 6-2.

The Jaguars came into play with a 7-3 record and back to back wins over Long Prairie-Grey Eagle and Browerville/Eagle Valley.

The Patriots came out on fire with two quick scores in the ball game that would eventually turn into a dog fight until the final whistle blew.

Luke Harren got the scoring going for the Patriots with a two-yard run, Nick Mettler took it home for the ensuing two-point conversion.

In the second quarter, Tyson Leners added a six-yard run for Upsala/Swanville.

Running back Levi Lampert added a run in for the two-point conversion to give the Patriots the early 16-0 lead at the end of the first quarter of play.

In the second quarter, BBE came alive and scored a one-yard run and a failed two-point conversion.

The Jaguars added a 28-yard pass and catch touchdown from Luke Dingmann along with a successful two-point conversion to make the score a 16-14 in favor of Upsala/Swanville.

Later in the quarter, Jaguars ball carrier Gavin Kampsen tacked on a nine-yard run and a successful two-point conversion to leapfrog the Patriots by a score of 22-16.

Lampert and the Patriots came back with a vengeance and scored a quick touchdown on an 11-yard pass from Max Lange.

A Tyson Leners two-point conversion run made the score 24-22 in favor of the Patriots.

It was more high intensity play as halftime ended and the start of the third quarter rolled around.

Dingmann and the Jaguars came back with a huge 30-yard passing touchdown along with a successful two-point conversion bringing the game to a 30-24 score in favor of the Jaguars.

Around midway of the third quarter, Leners crossed the goal line with an 11-yard run and a failed two-point conversion to tie the score up at 30 apiece.

BBE broke the tie with a two-yard running go-ahead touchdown and a failed two-point conversion.

On the next Jags possession, quarterback Dingmann threw up a 42-yard passing touchdown as he was getting hit.

BBE added the two-point conversion to make it a 44-30 ball game late in the third quarter.

Nearing the end of the third quarter, the Patriots turned the game into a high scoring affair by scoring a touchdown on a 42-yard passing score from Lampert.

Following the successful Luke Harren two-point conversion run, it looked as if the Patriots had swung the momentum back on their side down by only six and needing just a touchdown and extra point to pull away with the win.

However, the Jaguars were relentless in their offensive possessions down the home stretch.

Upsala/Swanville needed to hold BBE to no points in the fourth, but Jaguars running back/fullback Gavin Kampsen split the Patriots’ defenders and broke loose for a 12-yard touchdown run with a successful two-point conversion.

Nick Mettler scored a big 11-yard passing touchdown from Lange and a missed two-point conversion brought the score to 52-44 in favor of BBE.

The Patriots couldn’t get back in the endzone after that and the score remained as such once the clock hit zero.

Passing for Upsala/Swanville was Lange who completed five of 16 passing attempts for 92 yards and two touchdowns.

Patriots teammate Lampert completed two of three passes for 49 yards and one scoring touchdown.

As a team, the Patriots had 445 yards of total offense on 72 plays from scrimmage.

The Patriots posted 141 passing yards and 304 rushing yards on the day, with 25 first downs made.

The patriots went 6-12 on third down conversions and 3-4 on fourth down conversions in this playoff match.

The Patriots lost only two fumbles with zero interceptions and one penalty for 10 yards.

Returning seniors for the Patriots next season will be Bryce Westrich, Leners, Nick Kedrowski, Max Lange, Parker Schultz, Lucas Miller, Sammy Primus, Riley Johannes, Gavin Hasse, Tucker Hedin-Kircher, Kaleb Kurtz, Ethan Jacobson, Nicholas Kulla and Blake Crandell.

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