To the Editor:

Candidate Biden has been paid to serve in the U.S. Senate for 44 years. What has he accomplished in that time? You have printed a statement by Joe Biden that he will not raise taxes if elected.

Dr. Mark Skousen, author for 40 of those years of independent financial advice, states that Biden promises to increase the capital gains tax at the same rate as income taxes, up to 39.6% on the federal level, plus 2.5% payroll tax on top of state and local income taxes.

Biden favors 10 major tax increases, which include the stepped up basis for your heirs.

I worked from age 20 to 74. Medicare premiums taken from Social Security leave me in the lower middle class income level. Socialism is actually slavery. (Look up these two words).

Who can afford Joe Biden’s agenda? — Joanne Kegel, Little Falls

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