To the Editor:

I have been thinking about the letter in the paper several weeks ago that said to Trump supporters “get over it.” And as another letter writer alluded to this past week I have been wondering if we should get over it the same way the Democrats did in 2016.

First, should we launch a two-year investigation into a Biden-China election conspiracy that brought COVID-19 to the world?

Then should we launch an impeachment of Joe Biden after the 2022 election? And someone can sit behind Joe Biden and tear up his State of the Union speech.

Then should we unleash a microscopic disease worldwide in 2024 and blame it on Joe Biden? And instead of a mask mandate we can insist on a hazmat outfit mandate where everyone has to wear a hazmat suit with an oxygen tank similar to a scuba diving apparatus.

Should we riot and loot in the streets for “Australian Lives Matter” in protest of the death several years ago of Australian woman Justine Damond at the hands of a black cop?

Wait — We won’t need to do any of that because by that time Joe Biden will be in a memory care facility with Alzheimer’s and Kamala Harris will have destroyed the American economy so bad that Americans will be flooding to the polls to vote for “any” Republican for president.

Just asking. — Aleta Edin, Burtrum

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