To the Editor:

The Democrat party has changed over the years. It has become extreme in its pro-abortion stance, allowing abortions until birth, and not allowing to even save abortion survivors. It has chosen to stand with the protesters and rioters instead of law enforcement. The Democrat party has redefined family, gender and marriage. This is not the party of the traditional rural Minnesota family. They do not support our values.

This election is about more than the personalities of candidates or even their individual philosophies. It is about accepting the ideology of the party behind the candidate. Even if a candidate says they are pro-life, but are Democrat, they will not be allowed to express that fully as they legislate. Plus, you will be adding more power to a party you don’t agree with.

Republicans are pro-life, pro-family, pro-religious freedom, pro-second amendment. They support your values. Vote for Ron Kresha for Representative, Paul Gazelka for Senate, Pete Stauber for Congress, Jason Lewis for Senate, and Donald Trump for President.

Vote your values. Vote for the platform of the party that aligns with what you believe. Vote Republican. — Joyce Heffron, Little Falls

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