To the Editor:

The question is, will there be any place, or anything, left to manage? The current administration has spent the past four years gutting the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, not to mention shrinking National Monuments and opening up others to new gas, oil and mining exploitation.

The other question is when will we be able go back to these places before they’re gone? Already the lack of a national strategy for COVID, that has caused irreparable damage to individual and family health, has also canceled hunting, fishing and camping trips for many, my family and friends included.

As an avid hunter, angler, birdwatcher, wildlife biologist and instructor, who wants my students to have the chance to enjoy these experiences, this other future sounds terrible. As we all prepare to cast our ballots in the next few weeks, we should think long and hard about what that access will look like after another four years of this administration. Will we leave future generations with any access or healthy places to pursue our outdoor adventures?

Now is the time to put our country on a new, better path. — Dr. William Faber, Cushing

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