To the Editor:

Some people who write in the Record say they don’t want socialism and democrats want socialism. This is nothing new. Republicans have been saying this for more than 80 years.

People apparently don’t realize we have socialized agriculture in the U.S. Trump gave $28 billion in subsidies for farmers because of tariffs.

That’s taxpayer subsidies create a welfare and that’s government socialism. Not to mention the $877 billion farm bill. Cumulative ownership of production is pure socialism. Consequently, Taxpayers probably will never see the commodities they financed. Trump also sent $63 million earmarked for farmers to the largest meat packing plant in Brazil owned by two corrupt brothers. This plant is doing more business because of the tariffs. Concerned citizens should be asking Why? Trump promised to lower the trade deficit but increased it 300+ billion to 891 billion.

Tariffs are a tax, and that increase is paid by consumers. Therefore, a tax increase. Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa is trying to cash in on the subsidy gravy train.

Trade deficits don’t mean anything. Exports create economic growth and imports are neutral. 70-80 percent of Walmart merchandise is from China. You want the cheapest price every day.

—John Snell, Motley

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