To the Editor:

The National Golf Foundation shows about 1,200 courses have closed in the past 10 years – many owners cannot cash flow or recoup investment by resale. Courses are being transitioned into housing developments to help soften eyesores in communities across the country.

So, given the downward trend – I have to ask why Mayor Zylka is so determined to build a golf course event center without a vote from taxpayers? Hello darkness my old friend.

The May 20 work session agenda and council meeting contained items about building a brand new complex on the aging golf course, adding a dog park for another $10,000 or so – but when members of the Council asked if there was a business plan – or why the public couldn’t vote on this – Zylka went on to say that he was against a public referendum vote, because it wasn’t needed.

When requested to livestream the work session so the public could listen in Zylka stated, “I don’t think that the truth is necessary.” When asked about a splash pad for the children instead of a dog park – the topic was ignored. However, authorization to solicit bids was approved.

This is the sound of silence.

— Laura Wright, Little Falls

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