To the Editor:

Mr. Snell’s Nov. 10 impeachment column was spot on when he said impeachment is a political process, so factual judicial hearings are not required. Meaning, I guess, that any old lie or inaccuracy will do in this impeachment.

For instance, not only did the whistle-blower not have any knowledge of the call, Adam Schiff’s staff wrote the whistle-blower’s letter for him to sign. When Schiff read the letter at the opening of the hearing, it was full of lies and inaccuracies.

Hard to believe? Did Schiff read what the whistle-blower signed? No.

Both the whistle-blower’s letter and the telephone transcript are available for anyone to compare.

Did the writer of that column compare? To prove that any old lie will do, I’d like the math formula to: Trump loves Putin and hates Ukraine. Fact: Obama gave Ukraine blankets and pillows to help fight Putin. Trump gave Ukraine the anti-tank missiles they needed to stop Putin’s tanks. The columnist’s kind of two plus two does not equal four.

— Thomas E. Paulson, Little Falls

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