To the Editor:

I have read the campaign statements of Ward 3 Council member, Frank Gosiak in the Record and in a flyer. Gosiak’s focus is on issues not related to city government.

In Gosiak’s letter in the Sept. 27 Record, he talks about the importance of Black Lives Matter, Covid 19 and the presidential election. May I ask: While these issues are important, how do they relate to the basic duties that face a council member?

Gosiak goes on to describe the persons he met: a lady in need of teeth repair and another citizen with hearing and balance problems. Gosiak says, “ elected officials it’s our job to take care of the people in our community which is what I plan to do.” I think Gosiak is confused here — he should apply to be a county social service worker or train to be a dental consultant.

Gosiak’s flyer talks about assisting at-risk students, Crane Meadows and building an educational observation deck. I think the reason Gosiak is focusing on issues unrelated to city government is because he thinks he can distract Ward 3 voters from his terrible record on the city council of voting to raise property taxes and irresponsible city spending. — Josh Zyvoloski, Little Falls

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