To the Editor:

Tom West is wrong. I never thought I’d write that. When he said Trump was a jerk, I had to take issue. I think President Trump has accomplished more than any of those 16 people he debated in 2016, and with nothing but opposition at every turn.

I’m glad Trump is where he is and is doing what he does for the American people. He could just go back to being a billionaire.

Before the 2016 election, it didn’t matter who was elected, the country would run the same. The politicians would do what they wanted, and very little got accomplished, you wouldn’t hear from them until the next election. Campaign promises weren’t expected to be kept. Trump surrounds himself with advisers and doers, if those people don’t get the job done, it’s down the road. This is how things get done when you’re used to signing the front of a paycheck.

The way I see it, a president and a party that spends eight years never getting anything done, like the last few we’ve had, are the real jerks. Maybe we can get Don Jr. or Ivanka to run in 2024.

— Peter Schoell, Paynesville

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