To the Editor:

The June 27, 2019 Chalk the Walk street closure permit, was unanimously passed 4-1-19, by Little Falls, Minnesota City Council.

Absolutely mind-boggling, since the Minnesota ACLU warned them in a letter dated 10-15-18, stating they believed the 2018 event guidelines were unconstitutional, and to “promptly amend its guidelines (and their applications) to incorporate the free speech principles set forth in the Constitution for any and all future events.”

Following that letter, the City amended its sidewalk coloring ordinance, so sidewalk chalking was legal.

Little Falls Convention/Visitors Bureau and Great River Arts co-sponsored the 2018/2019 events. Both receive funding from the City.

2019 entry guidelines are almost identical, “All designs must not contain objectionable content, logos, words or political messaging. Businesses and Jurors retain the right to remove or disqualify inappropriate artwork” ….the textbook definition of unfettered discretion, forbidden by Supreme Court case Lakewood V. Plain Dealer Pub. Co., 486 U.S.750, 759,(1988).

Last year Councilor Raquel Lundberg (CVB President) was one of 3 judges. My artwork was disqualified, because of viewpoint discrimination.

All other 2018 chalk art is on the CVB Facebook page. Not my poignant antiwar message. Why not?

Liberty and justice for all in America?

Not in Little Falls.

—Robin Hensel, Little Falls

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