To the Editor:

Dr. Mark Moe wrote about the stress at St. Gabe’s hospital with more patients on ventilators than he’s ever seen there (Viewpoint, Morrison County Record, Dec. 12). He begged us to get vaccinated, saying he’s completed more death certificates lately than he has for years and he’s tired of it. Later, we discovered Morrison was under 50% vaccinated (Record, Dec. 19), and other local counties locally lagged far behind the state vaccination rates.

Senate District 9 legislators felt “it’s a personal decision” (Morrison County Record, July 2). They’ve been cowardly silent about this and not so pro-life. Some Republican friends have avoided a shot out of party loyalty. Some got COVID. Maybe our legislators could whisper a message or pass an encoded note to a dearly trusted friend who has proper security clearances that they should get a shot and ask them under oath not to mention they told them. That way they could avoid disapproval by senior party folks in the Cities or D.C. and disavow passing secret information should there be a leak.

A suggested call to a doctor or pharmacist can help unvaccinated folks decide and help contain the strain. — A. John Peters, Browerville

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