To the Editor:

Coverage of the majority leader and state representative reviewing the legislative session was excellent, thanks to Zach Hacker and The Record (July 4).

At the event, a Franciscan nun asked, “Why hadn’t the legislators encouraged more people to be vaccinated?" The answer was underwhelming. Yes, getting vaccinated is a personal choice, but as leaders in our state, it is important to provide accurate information and encourage people to do the right thing, not only for themselves. but their family and community.

The mRNA vaccines have been tested based on technology starting in the 1990s. It does not replace or tamper with your genes. It has been used in other therapies for years and only required minimal tweaking to work against COVID-19. Finally, since it uses proteins that are already in your system, there is less chance of long-term effects and immune deficiency problems than virus based vaccines.

It is time to step up senator and representative to promote the use of the COVID vaccines. Getting vaccinated will give everyone a higher probability of a long, healthy life. — A. John Peters, Browerville

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