To the Editor:

There’s no way an election ballot is just handed to someone coming over the southern border, or anyone else for that matter. I’ve been an election judge almost 40 years. You must be a registered voter and sign the register, before you are handed or mailed a ballot. Signatures are compared. You must show an ID, driver’s license, etc., showing who you are, how old and where you live. You must show a bill confirming your address if you moved, at least 30 days prior; and must vote in your local precinct. Mailed ballots are only sent to registered voters, and they must be signed with your signature when returned.

Before crying illegal voting, volunteer to be an election judge, to see how it works. You must go for training and show your ID to become one.

Fresh ballots are counted according to population before being sent to each precinct. They keep a record of each mailed ballot, who it went to and whether it was returned. A precinct cannot return more ballots than received from the courthouse on Election Day. Every ballot is accounted for.

When you complete your ballot, you, yourself put it into the ballot box where it is counted. 2020 was a legal election. — Eileen Hargrave, Pierz

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