To the Editor:

I looked up Robin Hensel’s blogspot to read facts about LFPD. To my dismay, I viewed an online petition to have Robin Hensel “removed” from Little Falls. As the names of those who signed it rolled over the petition, I screenshot it.

How petty and immature? Why would you insult a person on the world-wide web who invests her time to attend city council meetings in an effort to inform you of city legislation to protect your rights?

Just because you disagree with her, does not give you the right to “throw her out of town.” Her loss is not your gain.

What’s next? Branding, ear-cropping, dunking, public stocks, or maybe whispering sticks? These were pretty common practices for social control in colonial times. Haven’t we learned from the past?

Grow up, and concentrate on more meaningful and good things which would enhance Little Falls’ small-town attributes and reputation. Most citizens here respect the right to disagree honorably and do so accordingly.

The petition is mean and hurtful. I’m sure you accomplished your goal. Now take it down.

Isn’t there enough hate on the net already? — Dawn Meyer, Little Falls

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