To the Editor:

In his Sept. 5 letter, Mr. Witucki suggests that those unvaccinated people who have paid for Medicare all their lives, those on VA who have certainly earned medical care and even those who are currently paying for private insurance, should be refused hospital medical care. So the DFLers now want to take our earned/paid-for benefits away from us.

I received a warning letter about this, but did not believe it and threw it away. Has he forgotten that it was his President Biden and Vice President Harris who first advised we not get vaccinated until “they” developed a suitable vaccine? Does he not understand that Governor Cuomo was forced to resign over refusing hospital treatment for seniors on Medicare/Medicaid, even after President Trump provided him an entire hospital ship, fully staffed?

If the writer can’t find someone to review his letters, I will be happy to do that review before publishing, rather than after. — Thomas E. Paulson, Little Falls

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