To the Editor:

Prior to COVID-19, Minnesota Department of Health Commission Jan Malcolm massively failed to protect Minnesota’s long-term care residents, creating a “bona fide scandal,” but kept her job.

Malcolm has scandalously failed again today, by not taking necessary preventative steps to avert a long-term care worker shortage so severe Governor Tim Walz arose to activate an emergency worker-staffing plan, including involving the Minnesota National Guard, but Malcolm still retains her job.

Scandalously, the Minnesota Department of Health, under Malcolm, “caters to” exactly those in the health care industry it’s mandated to regulate, thereby “double crossing” Minnesotans.

Nevertheless, Malcolm continues her central orchestrating role in Walz’ COVID-19 pandemic response, part of a sordidly-interlinked Walz/Minnesota Department of Health/Health Care Industrial Complex triangulation.

Access to near limitless federal COVID-19 relief funds has allowed Walz to single-handedly lavish contracts, administered through the Minnesota Department of Health, on Health Care Industrial Complex companies, facilitating their proliferation, profit and authoritarian power.

Simultaneously, they’ve lavishly fueled Walz’ hard-line test, trace, isolate, vaccinate, mandate, forever COVID-19 agenda.

This includes supplying technicians for COVID-19 vaccinations of 5- to 11-year-olds at various state-sponsored sites.

Nearly two-third of Minnesota’s COVID-19 deaths have been long-term care residents. — Donna Christianson, St. Cloud

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