To the Editor:

In response to the article from the County Board’s vote regarding the treatment center, kudos to those who supported it. The lone dissenter is still upset with the legal ramifications of the Affordable Care Act, because, even though he claims to be Christian, he wants to continue to deny people access to health care.

Also, in response to a letter to the editor, the writer is quoted as stating, “Poor people do not provide jobs, or pay wages.” Where is your proof of evidence? The writer also claimed that they are Christian as well. Does the writer actually socialize with those in need? Or, do they ignore them, and walk away from them.

In response to another letter to the editor, I am so glad that I didn’t vote for the GOP former president, Donald Trump. Trump doesn’t know who Jesus is, and doesn’t read the Bible either.

Actions speak louder than words, and Jesus was a better example of being a Christian. WWJD? — Claudette Moran, Little Falls

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