To the Editor:

Troop 33 Boy Scouts were traveling from Camp Many Point July 3. Our 15-passenger van broke down in Staples. We thought the problem was fixed, took off and then broke down outside of Randall.

We were stranded along the highway and State Patrol Sgt. Anderson stopped to help. He made several calls and dispatch made calls also trying to find us a rental and get the van towed. There were no rental companies open. They were able to get someone to tow the van to Cushing.

He was able to get two deputies to help bring our boys and adults to Perkins in Little Falls. We were stranded there for seven hours until another van from Centerville, Iowa could come get us.

A shout out to Hollie Tewey and staff at Perkins. We appreciated having a place to stay for seven hours and the two lady customers who purchased 16 muffins for us.

A shout out to Sgt. Anderson and the deputies that helped us. We left Little Falls at 9 p.m. Saturday night to arrive home at 5 a.m. Sunday morning.

You have a very friendly staff at Perkins, helpful patrolmen and very nice people in your community. — Mona Berry and Troop 33 Boy Scouts, Centerville, Iowa

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