To the Editor:

Governor Tim Walz reveled in the dictatorial powers he gained during the COVID-19 pandemic after activating Minnesota’s emergency powers law, wherein he continuously demonstrated he preferred dictatorship over democracy.

Walz was “drunk with power” as he issued continuous dictatorial “executive orders,” which catastrophically damaged and destroyed people and pillars of society, like small businesses, in the name of fighting COVID-19, simultaneously funneling dictatorial power and profit to giant corporations.

Minnesota’s mayors and city councils also gained dictatorial emergency powers concurrent with Walz’ emergency powers.

Necessary for continuing Walz’ “dictator bliss” were several top elected state officials, including Attorney General Keith Ellison (all Democrat) and Democrats in Minnesota’s legislature, whose consents were needed to continue Walz’ 15 1/2-month emergency powers — all clearly indicating they also preferred dictatorship over democracy or couldn’t understand the difference and, therefore, must never be re-elected.

It’s absolutely crucial we examine the degree the previously-designated enforcers of Walz’ dictatorial COVID-19 restrictions like giant corporations, seek to continue to add to their previously-conferred authoritarian powers, like continuously extending requirements for masking, social distancing, gatherings, COVID-19 tests, self-quarantining, vaccinations, etc., which target Minnesotans as employees, customers, patients, older people, vulnerable adults, renters, college students, etc. — Donna Christianson, St. Cloud

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