To the Editor:

Member of Congress Michele Fischbach voted against the infrastructure bill and says she’ll vote against the Build Back Better legislation working its way through Congress. She says she’s against these bills because they are too expensive even though they will provide thousands of jobs for her own constituents.

At the same time, she has opposed legislation that will help people in her rural district, she has signaled support for the biggest ever military budget in our history. The only people who will benefit from this monstrously expensive legislation are the generals, who just lost a war in Afghanistan, and the military contractors who profited richly from that lost war.

Just to be clear, Fischbach, like the generals, doesn’t give hoot for American soldiers. There is no extra funding in the military budget for the 160,000 active-duty American military members who are having trouble feeding their families.

Fischbach doesn’t support our ordinary soldiers and she doesn’t support her ordinary constituents. — Tim King, Long Prairie

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