To the Editor:

In response to the article published last week regarding increased use of fetanyl and carfentanil, I would like bring to attention the kids of addicts that are being exposed to drug use. Secondary trauma can occur to these children if they are being exposed to drug use.

According to Solis et al., “Compared to their peers, children of substance abusing parents show increased rates of anxiety, depression, oppositional behavior, conduct problems and aggressive behavior as well as lower rates of self-esteem and social competence.”

In Minnesota, drugs are the number one reason children are taken away from their parents (MDH, 2017). Signs of drug use could include: withdrawing from support networks, increase of borrowing money, evidence of missing prescription drugs, paranoia and hallucinations. There are many other signs depending on uses of drugs (e.g stimulants or depressants).

Reporting drug use to Social Services or law enforcement if there is a true threat could mean getting a child out of a harmful situation and prevent children from experiencing further trauma. Preventing a child from exposure further traumas could make the world of a difference for their mental health. — Elaina Wimmer, Royalton

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