Donald Trump is definitely a jerk among other things as cited in Tom West’s Nov. 3 column, but the Democrats are conducting an impeachment inquiry for bribery, corruption, abuse of power. He strong-armed a leader of a foreign government to dig up dirt on his political rival by withholding taxpayer money for military aid to Ukraine. That’s abuse of power.

The whistleblower who came forward wasn’t in on the call but was alerted by people who were. Those people under oath have testified before congress as to the authenticity of the facts presented by the whistleblower.

Former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch testified that Trump pressured the state department to let her go because she couldn’t condone Trump’s bribery of Ukraine to get dirt on Joe Biden. William Taylor Jr., the U.S. top envoy to Ukraine, testified that during a conference call with the Office of Management and Budget the aid was to be delayed.

The directive coming from the president to the chief of staff of the OMB. The head of the OMB happens to be none other than Trump’s chief of staff Mick Mulvaney.

Gordon Sondheim, ambassador to the European Union, testified as to the funds being held for an investigation by Ukraine regarding both Bidens.

Lt. Col Alexander Vindman, National Security Council, who was taking notes during the call, complained to other intelligence officers re: Trump’s call. The White House lawyer John Eisenberg took the entire recorded call and put it in a top secret server, reserved for top secret information. A watered down transcript of the call was released.

This is the math formula: Putin hates the Ukraine + Trump loves Putin = Trump hates Ukraine. Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, currently in prison, floated the conspiracy theory that the Ukraine was behind the hacking of the DNC server before the 2016 election and not Russia. All the intelligence agencies said without a doubt it was Russia.

Joe Biden, Obama and the entire western alliance wanted the Ukraine to fire the prosecutor because he wasn’t investigating corruption enough. The prosecutor who took his place did investigate the company that Hunter Biden was on the board and found nothing wrong. He said the same thing on national networks. So Biden making big bucks, whether qualified or not, is irrelevant.

So last year, after President Trump’s meeting with China, Ivanka Trump, while still working in the White House, got 16 different trademarks from China worth millions.

Trump told the press he and his family would do no new deals when elected. Integrity and ethics don’t exist in this administration and Republicans obviously don’t care.

Contrary to the spin gurus, Republicans are also included in the hearings and are asking these witnesses questions. Trump does not have the right to face his accuser (the whistleblower) because these are not judicial hearings. This is a political process.

Contrary to the comments in West Words last week, other presidents don’t do this. However, Republican presidents have. Nixon and Reagan, re: Iran contra. Tea Party organizations were investigated by the IRS because they are mandated by congress to do so. These organizations were seeking to receive campaign donations to support candidates.

John Snell is a resident of Motley.

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