Carrie Ann Graves, 31, Onamia, was convicted of a felony Wednesday, Jan. 8, in Morrison County District Court, for fleeing police in a motor vehicle.

The charge stems from a June 1, 2019 incident, when a Morrison County Sheriff’s Deputy received word that the Mille Lacs Tribal Police were pursuing a vehicle near the eastern border of Morrison County and set up spike strips.

The suspect vehicle went around the spike strips, being pursued by the deputy.

The suspect was allegedly driving erratically, went through stop signs and at times was traveling at speeds over 100 mph.

While the vehicle slowed down on a sharp curve, the deputy conducted a pit maneuver, which caused the vehicle to spin into a ditch, before driving out with four flat tires.

The deputy conducted another pit maneuver and sent the vehicle into a ditch, before it got hung up on a road approach.

The deputy ordered the occupants out at gunpoint and the driver was identified as Graves.

Graves was also convicted of a misdemeanor stemming from a charge related to a May 25, 2019, incident of theft of motor fuel from a retailer.

Graves was fined $262.28, sentenced to 17 days in jail with credit for time served and probation to the court for one year.

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