Adam Joseph Karnowski

After a brief battle from complications of sudden onset type 1 diabetes, Adam passed away on January 4, 2020. He was born on August 5, 1994.  Adam was an avid reader and was rarely seen without a book in his hand. Since the age of five, he couldn’t take a ride in the car without bringing a book along.  If he was almost finished with one, he brought another along as a backup. Adam was a big movie buff. After viewing a movie he would write a review discussing the merits and flaws of it, in his opinion, and post to Facebook. Other interests included video games and drawing. He was a favorite uncle to his nieces and nephews. They could always count on him to play toys and games with them. Reading stories always included doing voices for all the characters.  Adam had a strong moral character and centered his life around certain rules. If he felt strongly about something, he probably had a rule about it, like not allowing anyone to take an odd number of cheese slices from a package because then there will always be two slices left at the end of the package. And only a barbarian would eat a sandwich without two slices of cheese. He embraced being notoriously nerdy with a love of superheroes, anime, and all things Harry Potter. He re-read the entire HP series every year beginning on July 31st, Harry Potter’s birthday. He loved music, especially classic rock and the Beetles, but not country (except he thought Johnny Cash was cool).  This delightfully quirky and fantastically funny young man will be sadly missed by his parents Brian and Bonnie Karnowski: sisters Candis Keehr (Jason) and Erin Karnowski; grandmother Hope Parsons; nieces Hailee Wise and Elly Keehr; nephews Sheldon Karnowski and Gabriel Keehr; and a whole host of life long friends. He was preceded in death by his grandfather Adolph (Toby) Karnowski, grandmother Betty Karnowski and grandfather Gilbert LeRoy Parsons.  A celebration of life will be held in his honor at the St. Francis convent on January 18th from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.  Memorials will be used to fund the Adam Karnowski Love of Literature Project, to purchase books for area public schools.

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Brian, great nephew, time and distance did not permit us to get to know each other well, and that is my loss .From the FB posts I've seen, you were quite a talented young man in your character sketches and writings. You should have had more time to further these gifts. Rest in peace young man. Lovingly, Aunt Terry

Christina Walk

I am so sorry for the loss of Adam. He was a good friend to my son Dakota Brown. Sending love and prayers to the family and friends at this time.

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