Shawnasee Shapree Ricci-Smith, 25, Paynesville, was sentenced in Morrison County District Court to five years of probation after she was convicted of one count of felony theft.

Ricci-Smith received a five-year stay on a sentence of one year and one day in a state correctional facility. The prison time will not be executed, however, so long as she remains in compliance with the terms of her probation.

On Aug. 24, 2020, Ricci-Smith was cited for theft at the Walmart store in Sartell. Walmart staff also issued her a trespass notice stating that she was no longer allowed on Walmart property or in an area subject to the business’s control. The notice advises that if she ignores it and enters Walmart property, associates may contact law enforcement and request she be charged with criminal trespass.

On Dec. 11, 2020, an asset protection associate with the Walmart in Little Falls observed Ricci-Smith in their store, in violation of the trespass notice. Ricci-Smith had multiple “high dollar electronic items” with security wrap in her cart, and it appeared she was trying to keep a majority of the items covered.

The associate followed Ricci-Smith throughout the store and observed her filling the cart with more merchandise. She eventually went through the exit of the store without attempting to pay for the items in her cart.

After passing all points of sale, Walmart staff approached her at the doors and prevented her from pushing the cart into the parking lot. Security called 911 to report the theft, and they observed Ricci-Smith go across the street into the Dollar Tree parking lot. There, she was intercepted by officers from the Little Falls Police Department.

An officer with the LFPD approached Ricci-Smith in the parking lot, and she admitted to stealing “a few items” at Walmart. She handed the officer a bag with six items inside of it, valued at $105.47. She told the officer that she was sorry for stealing the items.

The officer was then advised by Walmart staff that Ricci-Smith was able to take the bag of six items with her off of Walmart property, but there was an entire cart full of items with which they prevented her from leaving the store with. The items in the cart were valued at $1,143.59.

Ricci-Smith was given credit for 70 days served in local confinement. She had a felony charge of third degree burglary dismissed as part of a plea agreement.

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