Jesse Daniel Kriesel, 25, Little Falls, was charged in Morrison County District Court with one felony count of possessing ammo or a firearm after a conviction, one felony county of receiving stolen property and one felony count of fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle.

According to the criminal complaint, on Nov. 9, an officer with the Little Falls Police Department received a complaint regarding an ATV driving in a parking lot on 18th Street Northeast in Little Falls. When he arrived on scene, he observed the ATV driving eastbound on 153rd Street in a traffic lane.

The officer activated his lights and the ATV pulled over. The officer recognized the driver as Kriesel. He inquired why the ATV was so loud. At that point, Kriesel allegedly showed the officer the exhaust, jumped on the ATV, started it and drove away at a high rate of speed.

The report states that the officer pursued the ATV with his lights and siren activated. Following a pursuit, the vehicle came to a stop at a gated entrance just east of 180th Avenue, at which time Kriesel got off and ran north along a minimum maintenance road, according to the report.

The officer retreated to his squad car to call for assistance. Other officers soon arrived on scene, including an officer with a drone and a K-9 officer.

A deputy with the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office started pursuit with his K-9 partner to track Kriesel. The deputy gave announcements for Kriesel to give himself up, at which time he complied, according to the report.

The K-9 continued to track where Kriesel had been lying on the ground. He found a black object that was recognized as a black holster for a handgun. The report states it did not appear that the holster had been there for very long.

The officer then began looking for the gun, eventually locating a silver object on the ground by a tree branch where Kriesel had stood up. The object turned out to be a .38 caliber handgun that was loaded with five .38 caliber bullets in the cylinder, according to the complaint. Again, it appeared the gun had not been there for a long time.

Kriesel is a convicted felon, including having been convicted of fifth degree possession of a controlled substance, which is deemed a “crime of violence” and prohibits him from possessing a firearm.

An officer later looked at the ATV, which was black and appeared to have been freshly painted. According to the report, there was yellow paint underneath the fresh, black paint. It was discovered that the ATV was a yellow colored ATV that was reported stolen in Little Falls five days earlier. It was valued at approximately $3,000.

If convicted, Kriesel faces a maximum penalty of 15 years imprisonment and/or a $30,000 fine for the possession of a firearm charge; five years imprisonment and/or a $10,000 fine for receiving stolen property and up to three years and one day imprisonment and/or a $5,000 fine for the fleeing charge.

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