Bryce Charles Euteneuer, 24, Little Falls, was sentenced to five years of probation and given a stay of imposition in Morrison County District Court after he was convicted on one charge of felony theft.

On Jan. 11, at approximately 3:26 a.m., Morrison County Dispatch received a report of a theft in progress at a residence in Royalton. The victim reported he observed someone leave his residence with his side-by-side Ranger ATV. He got out of bed and followed the ATV in his own vehicle, until he found the ATV had crashed into some trees off of 170th Avenue.

Two deputies from the Sheriff’s Office responded to the area of the crash and saw a four-seat Ranger abandoned by some trees. They also observed that it looked like two subjects got off the ATV and fled the scene after the vehicle crashed. Shoe prints in the snow led to the east short of the river, where they came upon a hole in the ice. It appeared one or both of the individuals involved in the theft had broken through the ice, and would be wet.

At about 8:15 a.m. that morning, the Sheriff’s Office received a report of a male subject who appeared to be cold and wet walking north on Imperial Road. Officers from the Sheriff’s Office and the Royalton Police Department arrived on scene and identified the subject as Euteneuer. He was wet up to his knees and “appeared to be very cold.”

Euteneuer denied having any involvement with the theft or the crash and declined to speak further.

The victim of the theft eventually called the sheriff again to report that there were two sets of shoe prints found in his yard. One did not match any of the shoe prints left near the accident

Law enforcement obtained a search warrant for Euteneuer’s shoes and went to the victim’s residence. When they showed Euteneuer the search warrant, he said “I have what you need, just don’t search my apartment.”

He acknowledged that he was involved in the theft. Euteneuer turned over his shoes without issue. The bottom of his shoes matched the prints of one set left in the victim’s yard.

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