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Morrison County has, thus far, been able to stave off an increase of COVID-19 infections and deaths being seen throughout the nation and, to a lesser extent, the state.

During the week of July 9 - 15, only three new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Morrison County, bringing its total to 4,261 infections since April 18, 2020. There were no hospitalizations or deaths in the county for the second straight week. That leaves those numbers at 262 and 62, respectively.

Also going unchanged for the third straight week was the number of active cases in the county. As of Thursday, there were seven active infections in Morrison County; the same number as on July 8 and July 1.

Four of those cases were found in residents with Little Falls ZIP codes. There was one each in Bowlus, Royalton and Upsala. The first of those saw its number decrease from three on July 8, when it was the county’s hot spot — if such a thing exists with fewer than 10 infections.

The Minnesota Department of Health’s (MDH) vaccine data for Morrison County was incorrect, Thursday. On July 8, there had been 12,860 county residents who had gotten at least one round of vaccinations, while 12,261 were complete, having taken both shots.

The breakdown of vaccines per age, according to Morrison County Public Health, went largely unchanged between July 9 - 15. There were still about 5,200 residents age 65 and older who were vaccinated, along with 3,900 residents age 50 - 64 and 3,400 age 18 - 49. A total of 164 people in the 16 - 17 age group have been vaccinated, along with 249 between 12 - 15.

As a state, the spread of COVID-19 picked up between July 9 - 15; but deaths slowed even further to a rate of about two per day.

As of Thursday, MDH reported Minnesota had seen 607,278 cases of COVID-19 since March 6, 2020. That is an increase of 1,120 over the past week, just a little more than 400 than the number gained between July 2 - 8.

Deaths continued to slow, however. After the number of deaths for a seven-day reporting period plunged to 18 last week, it fell even further between July 9 - 15. Minnesota has now counted 7,632 deaths, according to MDH. That is 15 more than the 7,617 reported, July 8.

A total of 3.099 million Minnesotans had been vaccinated as of Tuesday, according to the MDH. That is about 67.7% of the state’s adult population, and 23,603 more people who received a shot during the past week.

Both the number of infections and deaths climbed by quite a bit nationally during the past week, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

There were 176,180 new cases reported between July 8 - 14, according to the CDC. That is more than twice the amount — 85,898 — reported between July 1 - 7.

The U.S. also saw 1,895 newly reported deaths last week, bringing that total to 605,551. There were 1,255 deaths the previous week.

The CDC upgraded the community spread classification this week from “moderate” to “substantial,” as the Delta variant continues to make it’s presence felt.

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